2007-2008 season awards:
CFA's National 2d Best Somali, 1st ruddy female to earn a CFA Somali breed award

CFA Southwest Region's
Best Somali
7th Best Cat
Highest Scoring Female Cat

TICA Southwest Region's
15th Best Longhair Cat

2006-2007 season awards:
CFA's 2d Best Somali Kitten
CFA Southwest Region's
Best Somali Kitten

Sire:  GC, RW Rampageous Forever Blue                    blue Somali male
Dam:  CH Gray Castle Scarlet Rose of Sunfox             red Somali female
Here is Minuet at 6 months old.  She's has lovely color and ticking and quite a bit of coat, especially on her tail!  She has been doing very well at shows.
The photo above was taken by a friend shortly before Minuet granded. The photo below was taken when she earned her DM title.  The DM (Distinguished Merit) is awarded to female cats who have 5 or more offspring that earn the title of grand champion or grand premier.  Minuet consistently had beautiful babies with outstanding personalities, and she was a fantastic mother.  In 2011, Minne became a Supreme Grand Champion Alter in TICA.

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Here is Minuet at 1 year and 3 months.  She really enjoyed playing with the photographer's toys here.  She has fun playing with judges' toys, too, and sometimes she'll actually give kisses!
This is Minuet at about 4 months old, at a Game Show Network press luncheon.
These photos were taken in February 2008.
GC, RW Sunfox Minuet, DM, (CFA)
Ruddy Somali female

Minuet didn't take very long to get her grand champion title - she was only 9 months old when she earned her title, which is unusual for Somali females.  Minuet is also a Supreme Grand Champion Alter and a Regional Winner in TICA.
"Minnie" and I spent most of the 2007-2008 season going to cat shows, which Minnie loves.  She purrs and makes biscuits for the judges and anyone else who will stop and say hello.  She's a joy to show and a great Ambassador for the breed.  I wish that all my cats could have so much fun showing off!